Only Need You

Only Need You

“I am still trying to prove that I am not a hot mess. The last thing I want is to attach myself to someone in even greater need of a personalized TED talk than me.”

Kieran Jones is perpetually ten steps behind in life. Whether it’s his best friend’s advice on how-to-gay properly since he was a little late to the coming out party, another friend giving him a discount on rent so he could escape his horrible roommate situation, or his best friend’s boss rescuing him when his car won’t start, Kieran’s life isn’t just a hot mess. It’s a blazing disaster.

“I don’t think I’ve been giving off greater sad sack vibes than normal, but the more time I spend around Kieran, the more I want things that I can’t have.”

Ted Olson may not be the life of the party, but he is steadfast and dependable, and that will have to do. He’s always looking out for others – his employees, his nephew, and the adorable redhead who hangs out at the store and is way too young for him. It has been almost a decade since his last serious relationship, and Ted is tired of being alone.

When Kieran and Ted end up on a blind date together courtesy of a dating app, they realize a mutual attraction has been lurking behind their growing friendship. But Ted can’t believe someone as young and pretty as Kieran would want a boring, old, video game store owner. And Kieran has never been with a man before and doesn’t trust his own instincts. Both men will have to break free from their insecurities if they want to be what the other needs.